Friday, April 20, 2012

Can It Be Friday So Soon?

I hear older folks often whining that time goes by so fast. But it doesn't really. Each day is passing at the same rate as it did when we were babies. What changed? Maybe it is boredom. As a child, we had so much time to sit and be bored with whatever our parents and teachers thought might be good for us to do. As adults, we do what we want for the most part, and since we fill our waking lives up with relationships and responsibilities, we end up with very little of that boring time that slowed everything down. When we do have time on our hands, we immediately fill it up with watching television, eating, reading, listening to music - anything but quiet thinking. I am a prime culprit of this evolution and do not expect that I will change, but I refuse to start saying that time is passing by so quickly - I am afraid that I will then stop enjoying my days as much.

I think the generations after me will struggle even more as their pace of life has been faster than mine. A simple example is how satisfying it was to watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom as a child on Sundays with my parents. I was spellbound and thoroughly enjoyed every second of watching. On the other hand, when my children flick through television stations, they almost never stop to watch such shows, as they consider them too boring. If you go back a couple of generations, my grandparents' childhood must have been extremely boring compared to mine - or was it? Isn't it the boring times that force us to be creative, explore and to invent? 
Just makes me wonder...

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