Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writing a Book

Writing a book is the dream of so many people and has been for decades. As typewriters gave way to word processors, people could put their thoughts on paper a little more easily. Now, the scene is so different, thanks to the advance of technology, just about anyone can sit down with their laptop, iPhone, tablet, and yes, the still present desktop computer and turn out perfectly printed pages of words. Online eBook publishing houses now accept these pages and will broadcast them on the web just as if they were a book.

The biggest trick now will be knowing how to inform people of your book, since instead of the couple of hundred thousand books printed per year (for the United States in 2009, from UNESCO) there will be at least triple that just for this year. Most likely, we will learn how to hone our online marketing to a specific niche in a specific area, but only time will tell as this new era evolves.

In the mean time, keep writing. It improves the quality of your work, keeps you thinking and who knows, you might be the diamond in the rough that someone finds and publicizes. Sounds like a good story to write.....

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