Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winter is Fading...

Slowly but surely we are coming out of the chilly winter months. I can't complain since the amount of snow we had measured only about an inch for the year, but the dreary trees and bushes are tiresome. I so look forward to seeing the trees budding out and the early crocuses and daffodils are happy signs of warmer weather.

My latest story, A Generous Gesture, is live on Amazon, as of March 3rd. It is the story of a guy who enjoys being generous with his friends almost to a fault. The setting is on the Chesapeake Bay in early summer when everyone is anxious to get back on the water.

Today, I am going to find a spot of sunshine and get started on another story.It all starts with a knock on the door from a young girl running from the police. Just how far should one go when trying to help out another person in trouble?

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