Friday, March 23, 2012

What if...

What if we could get the major networks to replace the morning shows on CBSNBC and ABC with something worth watching? I don't know who chooses the drivel that they discuss but it has no bearing or importance in my life and does little to inspire or motivate me. I find it disconcerting to think that this is what the American society wants to watch - it just can't be. Can't they find something more real for the normal citizen to watch? I don't know about you, but I find it very aggravating.

What if today was the beginning of a new life for you, where your past mistakes are behind you? Oh, but that's what today is. It is our opportunity to use the hours before tonight to enrich and enjoy our lives. Did you know the French on average take 7 weeks a year for vacation and are only allowed 35 hours of work a week? It seems like they are trying to take the time to enjoy their lives. From enjoyment comes creativity...

Enough about my rants, today is Friday and there are plenty of opportunities to explore. I finished my short story last night about the Idiot Thieves. It is live on Amazon and will be free this weekend.

I stepped outside to get a feel for the temperature, hoping that the spring air would be warm enough so that I wouldn’t have to wear a jacket. Our newspaper was on the sidewalk so I walked over and grabbed it even though I was still barefoot.
Wait, Sam’s truck isn’t in the driveway. He was still in bed wasn’t he? I asked myself, wondering if I had just presumed he was laying there and went back into the house to check my bedroom. He lay there sleeping on his side.
“Sam, where is your truck?” I asked, trying not to get too excited at once.
“Didn’t you drive your truck here last night?” I felt foolish for asking because I knew he did, but it wasn’t there.
              “My truck? Why are you asking me about my truck?”


  1. Can I get this doneloaded to my kindle? sounds good, nice post

    1. Yes, you can download this story on your kindle. Just following this link: and download by following their instructions.Glad you enjoyed the post.
      Many thanks!