Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chance Encounter

Today, I have a new story out on Amazon, called Chance Encounter. I will list it for free this weekend as a special promotion if you want to wait until then to read it.

My plum tree is blossoming and the others are not far behind. I guess that means that spring is here. I find it pretty hard to believe that we could have a cold snap after so many 70 degree days, but you never know around here on the East Coast.

I am working on a story today based on a local news maker from my small town. Going to base it from the viewpoint of the victims instead of the actual perpetrators, mostly just because I would have a hard time being the voice for someone who is just not thinking clearly. In Writing Individual Voice, the author advises writers to write what you care about so your interest in the subject piques the interest of your readers.

Here is a piece of my story, Chance Encounter ...

“Flight 58 now boarding, Gate 33.”
The intercom announced the words in a garble of tones as Natasha pulled her suitcase down the wide corridor of the airport. Her long hair was braided and gathered at the back of her neck and silver hoop earrings dangled as she walked. Her feet were tired in the flat shoes she chose to wear, thinking that they would be quick to slip in and out of while she went through security, but she walked on choosing to ignore the pain. The flow of pedestrians was fast so she kept walking quickly, without feeling as if she had to slalom through the slower travelers. The gate was just one more section of the moving sidewalk ahead, and she stepped confidently on the slatted track. The jerk of her suitcase on her arm startled her and she turned instinctively...

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