Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Short Story Story

You may wonder why I have chosen to write short stories instead of a novel. Well, the reason is simple. I think there are a lot of people who don't have the time (or just don't want)  to read a long novel but are still  interested in reading. There are plenty of magazines for the quick read, but what about fiction? As a child I loved short story books where I could be entertained by a quick story. If I have something to read while I sit waiting at a long red light or if I am stuck in traffic on I95, I can relax if I am reading a story and don't feel like the time is wasted.

In the short story book format, you don't have to page through magazine ads to find the next paragraph of your story. Your mind can concentrate on the scene and you end up finishing the story with a lot more recollection. Most of the experiences in our lives are short stories. They rarely last long enough to cover 250 pages of a book so the short story format is a little more realistic, too.

My hard copy of The Meanderings of a Pen is going through the publishing process and should be ready for sale in the next few weeks. In the mean time, you can still get the eBook on Amazon.

These are my impressions on the subject,  feel free to comment on what you think.

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