Thursday, March 29, 2012

Selling Short Stories

As I continue on my journey of writing and selling short stories, I am always looking for new opportunities. This morning, I found an interesting article, New Ways to Sell Short Stories by Alan Rinzler. He mentions the Amazon Singles which is a program designed for short story length works between 5000 and 30,000 words. You communicate with them through email with information about your work and they will let you know if it is acceptable and then help you publish it on KDPByliner is another publisher of short stories, but they generally do not take unsolicited work, although you can try and send a query letter. Rinzler mentions Atavist but they publish short works of nonfiction, specializing in publishing for mobile devices.

Check them out. So many authors are turning to self publishing so that their work has a chance of being read instead of being instantly rejected by the large publishing houses. I have done this through Create Space and so far, I have enjoyed working with them.

Now that my first compilation of short stories, The Meanderings of a Pen is finished and available online, I am working on a set of new stories for my second book. This is an enjoyable path, even if it does take a bit of work.

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