Monday, March 19, 2012


Monday mornings are a good time to remind myself of why I enjoy writing. Although I work from home, I still get up early as I have a daughter to get to high school on time. After 20 some years of getting kids off to school, I am looking forward to the freedom from that morning ritual. When the sun comes up on Mondays, the week is fresh and new and whatever didn't work last week is past and I have a chance to improve and move on.

I have a couple of story ideas that I have been mulling over during the weekend and am looking forward to diving in and developing. The first one is about a lady who finds herself meeting an intriguing stranger while on her way to a conference in New Orleans. What should she do, trust him or stay away? Will she have a choice or will fate bring them together? Is she really in control of her future or is she dependent on the actions of others around her? Stay tuned...

So, shake off the last week blues, look around for a little inspiration and get motivated. Who knows, maybe today you will create a masterpiece. Whatever you do, don't whine; it will not help you and you might discourage someone else at the same time.


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