Friday, March 30, 2012

Formatting Story Font

Did you know that most books are written with a similar font? I had no idea until I had to study how to format my short stories for publication on Amazon. It's true that the most popular font is called the Palatino Linotype. The reasoning behind its use is the ease of readability. Check it out for yourself and change your text to this font and your eyes will immediately feel better reading it. The history of the font according to Wikipedia is that it is named after 16th century Italian master of calligraphy Giambattista Palatino who drew letters with a broad nib pen giving them larger proportions within the same space as other fonts. 
Another funny little bit of info is that this is one of the only font types to use an interrobang. Never heard of it? It is the combination of a question mark and an exclamation point. Great for those half questions and half exclamations.
So it's Friday, and I am looking forward to an enjoyable few days, most likely with my first copy of my book, The Meanderings of Pen, in my hands.

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