Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally It's Friday!

Today, I spent most of my time editing and preparing my book of short stories, The Meanderings of a Pen to be ready for publishing as a hard copy through Create Space. The process is quite painless, just time consuming. So hopefully, in the next week or so you will be able to order a real book, as opposed to an e-book. I almost have enough stories going now for my second book, but I think I need to finish with the first one before I think about that too much.

One of the sites I read had an interesting article on starting your story better, 10 Ways to Start Your Story Better  Using tools like a powerful opening sentence, trying different options and going back to read the beginning once you get finished make for a more robust story. I found it quite educational.

This weekend, I am offering my story, A Weed or a Flower as a free download on Amazon. Be sure to get your copy!

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