Thursday, March 22, 2012

Etch a Sketch

I was reading the political headlines this morning and there was mention of the fun Etch a Sketch toy. Of course, they were using it in a derogatory way but I am sure the toy company is still grateful for the publicity. The toy even has its own website!

Let your pen take a ride...
It reminds me of the process of writing. You start a line and make a turn and who knows how the end will look. Just start somewhere, anywhere and go in a direction. Pretty soon your tale will be full of twists and turns and have an interesting story line. It is the process of creating something that is so fun.

Just about everyone I talk to says they wish they could write, but I personally think most people do have it in them, they just haven't practiced. Of course, there are always those really talented folks who spout off tropical and exotic words as if they were commonplace, taking writing to an artistic level, but for most of us, we just speak our mind and learn how to situate words to create a smooth thought that hopefully people will identify with easily.

So grab a pencil, a notebook and start: Once upon a time....

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