Wednesday, February 29, 2012


People ask me if my stories are based on true events and the answer is yes and no. The trick of writing fiction is creating a verisimilitude which is creative way of saying it is something that has the appearance of being true or real. I take things I see whether it is a person, a setting,  an object or even a phrase (like The Story of the Sapphire Necklace) and build a fake story around it. On the flip side, sometimes I take a real story and embellish it to make it more exciting. Somehow I have to write a story that is not true to be true to life so you will actually think that it might be true! It is similar to what kids do when they tell their personal stories and add a few extra details and what do we as adults say? "Are you telling stories?" Children are warned not to lie and tell stories, but as an adult as long as you publish your story under the label of fiction, everyone loves it! 

I finished my short story about a young nine year old girl who has to walk to school for the first time in a new neighborhood. Her walk is beset by terrifying things that force her back home, except that she can't get there. Here is the link to Desperation. I hope you enjoy it. It should be live on Amazon this afternoon.

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