Monday, February 6, 2012

Change is Coming

pathway, woods, sunlight beams, walking
This morning I read an encouraging article titled Abundance written by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler in Forbes Magazine (Feb 13, 2012). Their thoughts are that we, as a world, are on the verge of radical transformation with progress in so many breakthrough technologies that will make us greater gains in the next two decades than we have made in the previous 200 years. That is quite a positive prediction in the face of so many negative headlines. Of course, the breakthrough technology that concerns myself and other writers is the ability to self publish e-books to the public through online bookstores, like Amazon or Google ebookstore. It frees us from the traditional and almost impossible task of being accepted by the major publishing houses and allows our words an audience. Who knows how this move will transform our society? There are skeptics, but the change is still coming.

I am encouraged to write and to change - to improve my style of writing and to be part of the short story market. Today, my title is A Walk in the Park. You will see it listed in Amazon starting tomorrow as a free download for a couple of days.

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