Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Sunlight

Early Forsythia Blooms
I love this time of year when the sunlight becomes more intense even if the air is still cold in the mornings. There is something inspiring about the light - it seems to want to wake us up from the slumber of winter. Any lights left on from the earlier dawn pale in comparison with the intensity of the spring sunshine, pouring in all the east-facing windows and stretching across the room. The stripes of light reach across the floor as if they are trying to touch us and draw us outside into the full light. Sometimes I wish I could live in a home with a glass ceiling so the light could pour in at all times - but I know there are lots of reasons why not so I just enjoy the window light for now..

Writing on a Monday means that I have to sort out the different ideas I thought of for a story line over the weekend and pick one to develop. I tend to put it off by doing all my other to-do items until I am ready to focus and concentrate. Today, I am thinking about tenacity - the ability to stick with something when most people would quit...

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