Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Old Friendships

Valentine's Day is a holiday I have enjoyed every year for at least 26 years since Eric and I have been married. Before that, I hated the pressure of wondering what kind of embarrassment I was going to have to deal with or almost worse, what kind of rejection I would feel. Those tumultuous days of high school are the setting for my story for today, Broken Friendship. It is a romance, of course, as Valentine's Day is always a good day for being romantic. The path of life leads us into relationships with others where most friendships pass on with time while a few others stay with us as cherished belongings. I hope you enjoy my story.

My freelance writing job link for today is a company that I know very well. Although I do not currently write for them, they are accepting applications for freelance writers:  Demand Media


  1. Hello Heidi my old friend...typically I don't like facebook but, there are a few things that I do enjoy and one of them is the chance to keep up with old friends / acquaintances. it's nice to know you and Eric are doing well downeast. David.

  2. Thanks, David. Nice to hear from you!