Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Middle of the Week

Today I am writing a short story set on a wind-blown deserted beach. That's all I am going to tell you right now. I was reading a little on Wendy Palmer - a writer from Perth Australia now living in Malaysia and how she gets her inspiration. She says, "For me, it’s about keeping eyes and eyes, and mind, open. One good source of ideas for your fictional creation is the non-fictional world all around us, and by learning to keep a part of the mind open to ‘what if’s in what you’re seeing and reading, you might find your premise or plot." 

Maybe you hate watching the news, but if you are looking for great story ideas, it is a fantastic jump-off point as the networks work harder and harder to find every unusual and outlandish story to compete with each other for viewers. Many of their headlines don't go into the story or the details, making it perfect for you to embellish.

Being a free-lancer means you have to work harder for yourself - as opposed to working for a boss. To do that in the fiction business, you really need to enjoy the intrinsic value of the writing process itself as that is what will produce the good stories. All the editing, marketing and publishing stuff is secondary, albeit still quite necessary.

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