Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

water, chesapeake bay, north east, riverI did finish up my latest story, Snow Dog, and it is live on Amazon. If you wait until tomorrow, it will be a free download for a couple of days. Sometimes writing short stories is difficult because I barely get the plot going when I have to wrap it up for a conclusion. I guess that is why 'practice makes perfect'. I have had readers tell me they enjoy my short story format for a quick read when they don't have the time to bury their heads into a novel, so that's encouraging to hear.

Yesterday, I used the old fashioned pen and paper approach to writing so I could sit by the water in the sun. It was full sun, but windy and below freezing so after a couple of hours, my bones were pretty chilled. I still enjoyed it and will probably sit out there again when the sun comes back.

Freelance writing opportunities are still out there. I saw one in my email from a firm in Houston Texas that is looking for content for their website that provides news and information for people planning for retirement. Here is a link for more information: Houston job.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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