Friday, February 10, 2012

Freelance Writing Sites

One of the things I would like to do on this blog is to help other writers find sources for writing gigs. We are all looking for ways to put some shillings in our pockets so I will highlight one or two every few days. Feel free to comment if you know of others.

The first company that I will mention is Trazzler. I will quote directly from their website, We know you are out there writing, taking photos, sharing with friends and family, an endless pool of talent and vision. Platforms for sharing information about places abound. Editorial vision does not. Three years ago, tired of rants, writing designed for search engines, and glorified Yellow Pages that list every last Burger King, we decided to take a more thoughtful, human approach.
Our guarantee: on Trazzler, your work will always be in good company, surrounded by smart writing and excellent photos. Create your own beat (nail it and we'll make you an expert).
Our weekly contests are designed to be fun and thought provoking. Real editors will read, ponder, and collaborate with you to make sure your best work is rewarded with a professional portfolio, recognition, and even writing and photography contracts and prizes.

 Check it out for their contests as well as useful information.

This is a picture of the amazing Wasserstra├čenkreuz (Water Road Intersection) in Germany
When you start to think your goals can't be met, remember there are others before you who have done it. Look for their wisdom and instruction.

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