Thursday, February 16, 2012

Enjoying the Writing

I have been able to write and publish three stories this week. The process is amazingly enjoyable, although I guess the editing gets a little boring. Today's story going live on Amazon this afternoon is called, The Shop with a Story and is set in a town like mine here in North East, MD. Of course, it is only fictional and none of the characters are real but I like to think that it could have happened. Once the story starts, I feel like I am in alternate time and seeing the things evolving around me as the story progresses. Sometimes, my husband Eric will look at me and wonder why I am looking so sad or happy, depending on the mood of the story at that exact second and it takes me a couple seconds to snap back into reality.

Today I wanted to mention to my fellow freelancers that you can always look for writing jobs on Craigslist in your area. Just pay attention to the posted warnings and you may find something interesting.

Here is an excerpt from today's story...

The old glass door swung open with a jangle of bells as I pressed the worn brass latch down and pushed gently. I stepped over the worn threshold letting my hands pass over the solid wood of the tall door frame with its height of eight feet or so that reached almost to the ceiling. The floorboards were wide pine planks with plenty of knotholes showing through. The cool air felt refreshing as I stepped out of the humid summer heat.

“Hello, dear!” came a cheery old lady’s voice. “Come on in and cool down.”

“Hello and thank-you,” I answered trying to focus on the slight figure behind the counter, pushing my sunglasses up into my hair. As my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness of the shop, I saw a slim but well-wrinkled lady with a head full of gray curls. She had a pen in her hand and was writing in an old leather-bound book that looked like a ledger. There were two or three other people in the shop looking at some antique blue pottery vases in the corner.

“Let me know if I can help you,” her voice encouraged me.

I smiled at her and stepped over to look at some hand-blown glassware she had in her window display. The objects in the store were beautiful but nothing that I found useful so I meandered around, enjoying the chance to cool down. I had hoped that this was the shop I was looking for, but there was no evidence of any books anywhere.

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