Monday, February 13, 2012

Animal Fiction

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Today I am writing a story about a rescued dog and his owner in, Snow Dog. I think that many people either owned a dog as a pet at some point in their lives or wished they did. Stories of animals remind us of our childhood and the drama that came from the relationships we had with our pets. The combination of child and pet is simple, unlike most other human relationships. Dogs just flat out love their owners with a consistent and unrelenting love as long as they are fed and sheltered. Kevin, the main character in this story, rescues Snow Dog shortly after he moves into the neighborhood. Almost immediately the dog proves loyal to him, providing a friendship for life.

I hope to finish the story by this afternoon, since it is too cold to work outside much today. For those of you interested, check out the Examiner for freelance travel writing jobs in San Francisco, Miami and other areas. The details are listed on LinkedIn's site here. I didn't notice any for my area, but maybe you will have better luck.

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