Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Snow, Finally!

beach, Chesapeake Bay, water, kayakingAfter waiting all winter for snow, we finally got our token inch or two of snow. It will probably melt in a few hours, but for now, everything is clean and white. Eric has the fire snapping and crackling and the fried potatoes are almost ready. Since traveling is not the best thing to do right now, I will try to stay put and think of some new story lines.
Last night, I finished a warm weather story, Lost in the Middle of Civilization. It is always fun to imagine being in a warm place when the weather outside is chilly.

Here are a few lines from this story:

Kayaking was her life’s love. It consumed her time during the late spring, through the summer and into the late fall when the cold water forced her to stay on land. Kayla’s friends knew her for pushing her boundaries, trying new things when others were content to the status quo. Work at the office as an editor was non-stop demands and deadlines. She hated the constant stress and relied heavily on her times on the water to break away from obligations.

Today was no different. It was Friday, April 3 and the air had warmed up to the 70s even though the water was still barely in the 60s. She had finished work a little early, thanks to an errand that Zach her boss had let her run during work hours. A quick stop by the printer supply store and she was free for the weekend. This was her favorite time of year. The air was pleasant, the water was too chilly for swimming so it kept the sport boats away, and it was nice and clear.
Kayla walked to the docks at the neighbor’s yard where she kept her kayak and untied all but one line. Hers was a simple ocean kayak that let her sit above the water -- easy to get in and off. She undid the rubber cover on her small storage compartment and slid her cell phone and an apple in for safekeeping. She placed her plastic water bottle in the middle cup holder and squatted on the dock. With one swoop, she lifted herself up and over onto the kayak. Straightening her baseball cap and her sunglasses, she grabbed her paddle and untied the dock line from the kayak handle. Her kayak slid easily away from the dock as she slipped her paddle through the water.

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  1. I can smell those fried potatoes from here!…wish you could pass some through the phone lines or something.