Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rain is Perfect for Writing

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If you wake up only to find out that is raining 'cats and dogs' outside your bedroom window, don't despair! It's perfect for writing (or doing your inside projects). You won't feel quite the urge to get outside or even drive--or anything else that distracts you from your work.

Today, I woke up to such a day. Rain is forecast for the next three days. The house is quiet and I hope to pound out some good fiction. Spring is coming and I know that there is a lot for me to do outside -- pruning, mulching, raking and so on, but I can't do it in the rain! Eric got the fire going so the living room is nice and warm. The dogs and cat are fed and the house is somewhat clean. My kids are all studying hard at their colleges or in Joy's case, at high school. Eric is off running sales appointments. So off I go.

Two teenagers, skipping school, borrowing Mom's car, mustang, present from Dad, snow... just a few thoughts running through my head. I will post the link for this short story later today. Stay tuned!

4:30 pm. I finished! The title? A Car Ride.

Here is an excerpt:

Cliff jerked as his cell phone buzzed in his pocket. Who would be texting him in the middle of school? His tenth grade English Comp teacher was droning on about some idea he had about writing an interesting paper, and was writing on the chalkboard so Cliff took a second to check his phone. He knew the cell phone was not allowed in class and that he was supposed to leave it in his locker, but that was a nuisance. 

“Meet me behind dumpster at 1:30.” It was from his brother Ryan.

“Whaaaat?” He grimaced to himself as he quickly responded back, “?”

“Wanna go for a ride” was the text.

This didn’t make any sense. Ryan didn’t have a car. It was school time.

“Ok” It was the only answer he could give. His curiosity had the better of him and if Ryan was doing the asking then he probably would take the blame if they got in trouble.
It was late November and the Alaskan sunlight was sparse during the day. By the time Cliff started school, there was still another hour before sunrise and by the time school let out, the sun was starting to set. It was depressing. He had half an hour to wait until 1:00 and the anticipation of running out of school began to build....


  1. Wow...Your house sounds so cozy..Can Eric come to our house and get a fire going

  2. Thanks! Nothing like a fireplace in wet weather.