Tuesday, January 24, 2012

National Peanut Butter Day, Really?

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The Derelict
Who comes up with these National Days? It must be marketing firms trying to promote items that are slow in sales, because I really don't think peanut butter needs my attention. Besides, I don't even buy the brands they like to market, just the ground peanuts with a little salt.

Anyhow, back to the real world. I think spring might be coming early this year. After our short weekend with a sprinkling of snow and ice, the temperatures are supposed to be close to 50 degrees today. I have to get out and prune my fruit trees, rose bushes and grape vines before they start budding! The only flower I have in the house right now is a gorgeous orchid that my brother Martin gifted to me at Christmas. It casts a bright splash of color to my kitchen.

Today, I am writing a short story about a derelict. A homeless man caught up in the downward spiral of bad luck in a poor economy. What is it like to be derelict? The word is harsh and even though I might craft a story about the situation, I am sure I will never understand the full ramifications of the title. If you use the word as an adjective, the synonyms are so negative and harsh; neglected, abandoned, ruined, deserted. Who ever left high school thinking that their life would end up on the street. I will post the link later this afternoon along with an excerpt.

6:14 pm. Here is the link: The Derelict

The excerpt:
Day One: I am sitting here in my tent and I have set up my sleeping bag as my couch and bed. It’s pretty quiet out here and I don’t think anyone will bother me. I decided that instead of buying a hoagie for dinner with my dwindling money, I would buy a loaf of bread and some peanut butter. Good thing I like peanut butter! Have a battery operated LED camping light and a decent tent. Tomorrow I will try to find a job.

Derelict. What a harsh term for people. Ordinary people. College-educated people. People with good resumes, at least with their most recent work history. Mitch pondered his state of affairs, wrapping himself tighter down into his sleeping bag, even though it was warm outside. High school was such a good time for him. He had great experiences with the soccer team and got decent grades. Being an only child, his working-class parents could afford to send him to college, even if it was a community college.

Day Two: Slept ok. It was a little weird out here at night. I think I will get a little radio to help me with the silence. Walked into town and got a newspaper to check for jobs. Got a free cup of coffee from the grocery store and bought a pack of hot dogs. Called a few places for jobs on my cell but am really trying to limit its use before they cancel my service. Asked about a job at the deli close to here, and said to check back at the end of the week. I miss Mary badly.

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