Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Short Story Time!

St. John, vacation, swimming, oceanAfter writing content articles for the last 4 to 5 years, I am moving into my favorite type of writing - the short story! With the entertainment market still going strong, I think that people like to have a short story to read for a quick lapse from their reality. Some of my stories are based loosely on personal experiences while others are just fun imagination.

Today, I published my first story, The Caribbean Rescue on Amazon's site for Kindle stories. Of course, I don't want to spoil the punch line, but the basic synopsis is a tourist on a Caribbean island finds herself orchestrating an ocean rescue. The conflict is the bad cell reception (of course) that starts the drama with what could be a partial plea for help.

Here is a link to the story online: The Caribbean Rescue

You can be the judge if you like it or not. Drop me a line if you have any suggestions. My next story? Fire!

1/21 update: By popular demand, I will show a portion of the story:

The constant wash of the waves rhythmically beating against the coral beach filled my ears leaving me to snooze peacefully during the heat of the day. My brothers and their wives had left to do some snorkeling at a beach a mile or two down the road and left me behind to rest, but only after some strong reassurance from me that I was fine, just in need of some peace and quiet.

“Burring, burring, burring, burring.”

I jumped up from the couch, nerves jangling; wondering what would make such a sound. My brain scrambled towards the direction of the sound, trying to remember if there was anything in my memory to identify its source. The house phone! I grabbed the receiver and pushed the green answer button.

“Hello?” I sputtered as I tried to wake up my vocal cords.

“Suzanne! Something happened to Janie. Can you…” and the voice turned to static.

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