Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Chilly and Snow is Coming.

forest fire, children, woods, fearIt is Friday and I have a new story that I just published on Amazon, Fire on the Ground. I used a memory from my childhood as the basis for this short tale. I hope you enjoy it.

Our house is cold but the wood insert is blazing so it will be warm soon.

It's not all that easy being a writer since you have to stay self motivated and keep coming up with creative ideas that will pique someone else's interest. Parts of it are fun and other parts are just work, plain and simple. I love it when a story gets going and I have a hard time getting my fingers to keep up with my thoughts. Then the time flies by and I find myself in a different dimension, living almost a different life.

So, today is another opportunity. What shall I write about? There must be an adventure ready to be revealed... before the snow comes tonight...

1/21 update: Here is an excerpt from Fire on the Ground

I stepped outside to take pleasure in the warm afternoon sun. It was late spring and Maine was striking in its beauty if you didn’t mind the austere winters or the isolation of the quiet woods. The pine needles made the air smell sweet with a just a hint of smokiness from our woodstove. I sucked the fragrant air deep into my lungs as I stepped away from the kitchen door.
My feet carried me almost instinctively towards the footpath out back. It wound through the back yard, down over a modest little stream and then up over the back hill to the woods. It was my pathway, as far as I was concerned. The other kids seemed content to hang around the house. With all six of us kids in the house, quiet time was very important to me and I often felt the need to wander into the quietness of the trees. On the south slope of the hill, there was a large pine tree with high branches like arms that stretched out to protect those who came near. I liked sitting there safe and secure in the warm sun, just for a chance to ponder my thoughts or to steal some words of fiction from a good novel. I meandered along the path when I noticed a bit of flickering about five feet away from our burn barrel on the ground. At first, I couldn’t comprehend why a flame would be on the ground. In micro seconds, I realized it was a spark-fueled fire from the burn barrel...

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