Friday, January 27, 2012

Imagination is Key

view, park, cliffI am learning a lot as I let my fingers tap out stories every day. For instance, letting my imagination run is harder than you would think. After writing for other people for so many years, I wrote what they wanted. My work was limited to the extent of their imagination and my talents were stifled. As time passes in this creative process, I have to remind myself that the boundaries are no longer the same. I can set my own fences and let new words and styles open gates of expression.

My hope is to encourage other writers to learn the fun of letting their imagination in a story take them out of reality and into their story. There are tricks to doing this right and of course, that is part of learning the tools of the trade that will separate a story that jumps off the page from the 'run of the mill' stories.

Another facet of writing is this blog. This morning I read a very informative article, 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic. This is a new era in the world of publishing and I for one, need to educate myself on effective writing in this atmosphere.

Today I will take this picture I took of a cabin in Worlds End State Park in northern Pennsylvania and develop a story around it.

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