Saturday, January 28, 2012

Faces in a Crowd

So its Saturday and I really wasn't going to post today but I had an interesting article I read last night that piqued my interest on writing about compelling characters. In this era of Disney and easy entertainment, most of the characters we see on television are pretty stereotypical. I find them quite boring and enjoy looking for the person that looks different in a crowd. He or she is the one that probably has a story... or at least my imagination thinks so. One of my favorite pastimes is watching people.

A trick of good story writers is to find what we see as a normal face in the crowd but that stands out for some reason and use them to weave a tale of intrigue. Maybe they have a secret life, a hidden crime, an amazing accomplishment... For instance, in this picture of a crowd in Spain, look at the lady in the middle, staring directly into the camera. Her hair is different from the other women around her. She has her act together with her purse held neatly in her lap, her bottle of water ready for the heat, sunglasses to protect her eyes, and a look of confidence as she faces the camera with a smile. I can think of a story already...but I am still working on my last one!

Anyhow, here is the link for the article from Writer's Digest on How to Craft Compelling Characters, I will try to get my next story wrapped up.

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