Wednesday, January 25, 2012


lancaster, quarryville, pa farms, amish
 Picture by Carol Ivone
I wonder how many other writers find themselves dreaming the stories they write. The last few days, I have found that the scenes I describe in my stories are part of my dreams. It is actually pleasant and I enjoy the stories coming to life. I guess my brain becomes almost saturated with the story as I compose the characters and details surrounding the theme. Last night, the children from Abandoned Unknowingly, a story I published a few days ago, were playing with my thoughts.

Today, I think I will take the drive out to Quarryville, a little town south of Lancaster to do some shopping today. The prices out there are much cheape
r than near my home and the drive will do me good. No highway driving, just fun winding roads with a little Billy Joel or Adele to add a little color to my drive. If the weather was a little warmer, I could open the top on my convertible, but alas, not today or I fear I might find myself totally chilled to the bone.

I am looking for a few good ideas for my new story everywhere I go, in movies, people's faces, newspaper headlines and even in the conversations I have with the people I talk to during the day. I think I am enjoying this new chapter of my life.

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